Find Your FitWelcome to my website, where your entire life matters! I believe work comes home, impacting the quality of our personal life. Our stresses from home also show up at work, reducing our effectiveness and reducing our productivity. Both our employers AND our families deserve better—YOU deserve better! That’s where I come in.

As a consultant, I help businesses rewire their teams for success. My 30 years of corporate experience in leadership, communication, sales, publishing, and marketing allows me to quickly assess needs and offer action-oriented solutions that get results. I help get the right people into the right positions by using a batter of assessment tools. I offer strategic road maps and creative plans for increasing market share. I come along side and treat your business like my business. Your success is my success. Click on Your Consultant to learn more or call me today to discuss how I might serve you.

As a speaker, I offer dynamic programs that engage participants and inspire them to rewire their lives to greater success by first understanding their unique personality style. I then show people how their style influences everything, and I mean everything: communication, leadership, stress management, and health. What sets me apart is the foundation of self awareness followed by looking outward to how others are different. I’m all about building stronger teams, enhancing communication, reducing conflict, increasing productivity, and improving the bottom line, one life at a time. For a list of my programs, sample videos, and my fees, please visit Your Speaker or call me to discuss how I might meet your needs.

As a coach, I come along side individuals to change their lives for the better. With a variety of assessment tools at my disposable, I help people discover their personality style, motivators, emotional intelligence, time traps, stress factors, and much more! Whether you are an executive desiring to climb the ladder higher and faster or an entrepreneur needing guidance or just someone wanting to improve the quality of your life, I’m the coach who looks at The Total You: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Take a look at the Your Coach page or call me today to hear about available package deals.

As an author, I have seven published books, three fitness DVD’s and a slew of pamphlets all available for sale. Check out the Store and place your order today!

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  • “I like Lorraine’s balanced approach to fitness and how she makes it easy for each person to customize a program that works for them. I’m in the people development business, and I love to see books like this that set up others for success! If you are tired of trying to obtain a healthier life and actually want to do it and now, then this book is for you!” – Mark Sanborn, Best-selling author and speaker

  • “Lorraine’s guidance have been countless. I first began working with her on a business trade and soon found that my time was well spent. She has given me a set of tools to accomplish my goals, no matter what the obstacle.” -Jesscy

  • “Tell her something is impossible and watch her find a way to prove you wrong. Ask her to lead a project and you can rest assured it will be done well. Hire her and your team will reap numerous benefits in the years to come.” – Allen

  • “Lorraine’s program was engaging and interactive. She has a gift for delivering concrete, tangible tools in a dynamic manner that makes it fun to learn!” Jay